Friday, January 1, 2010


I was just posting on facebook that I have to work tomorrow, but I can't wait to get home to my kitchen, a.k.a my happy place.
It gave me the idea to start this blog about my baking & cooking. It seems like most of my posts on facebook are about recipes I'm trying, tips that I discovered while making them and many substitutions. Sometimes my substitutions are quite creative. Usually at least one or two people will ask me to post the recipes. Instead of having them all over my profile on facebook, I thought this would be a much better way for people to find all my recipes in one place. I have friends ask me for recipes for things I made over a year ago actually...I am going to add my 'classics' that are often requested by friends and family. I also want to document and preserve my mother's old Polish recipes now that she's older and doesn't really cook like she used to.
I know many people reading this will understand what I mean by my kitchen being my happy place, so I won't go into any detailed explanation. It's quite self-explanatory.
Some people might consider the kitchen their misery place in fact, and I hope I can help them get past that and actually learn to enjoy cooking or baking when they realize they can achieve success without cooking lessons or even any innate gifts in that "department". Luckily for me, I come from a family of Polish grandmothers & mom who I learned so much from. Most of my earliest memories of my dad's mom were of her in her kitchen. She was usually mumbling something in Polish, but that's another story...
Anyway, welcome to my happy place- I hope some of my recipes I've discovered (some are my own originals, or my family's) help you enjoy your kitchen and being in it as much as I do with mine. Thanks for visiting!


  1. You have inspired me--- so I began a Pascualina and sliced my thumb. See my facebook post. Pascualina is awesome though.

  2. I saw I have to come down there and teach you some knifin' skills??? Lol!
    What IS a Pascualina anyway? I've never heard of that!